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Meet the Owner/creator


Hi Dazzling Queens! My name is Jasmin Rosario and I am the owner and creator of Dazzling Treasures. I am a 29 years old woman from St. Petersburg, FL. Dazzling Treasures is my baby and my first business venture. Never before had it occurred to me that I’d have my own business. And it's not because I didn't think I could successfully run one, it just was never a thought until the end of 2017. That's when the idea of making dangle earrings came to mind. I immediately became obsessed with the concept and began to do my research, invest in myself, put in the work, market my brand and get out of my comfort zone to network. I’ve been a creator ever since I could remember, when I was a little girl I used to cut up my own clothing to hand sew my barbie dolls skirts, shirts, and dresses. And as an adolescence I'd reconstruct my clothing to fit my own sense of style. Fashion and accessories have always been a big part of me, which is why I am so excited about this journey I am on.  When I am creating I feel purposeful and at peace, which is how I know this can only be a gift from God and I intend to put it all into use. I'm starting off my business with fashion jewelry that I handcraft myself but my goals and visions go beyond just that. I am a creator and creating is what I love to do. I know with a lot of prayer, hard work and consistency I can and will accomplish all of my goals.